Finding room

Check homepage or contact me for rooms available
Make appointment with me to look
*We are not a real estate company, we are a property management company
so we only can show you our managing properties and no realtor charge if you contract directly with us


Maximum holding is 3~5 days with down payment (20% of deposit)


Normally moving-in day or 1 day before moving-in
You need your passport and down payment
If you contract with us on your moving-in day, you need deposit, first month rent/building fee, etc.
Get information about contract
Sign the lease agreement form


Deposit, first month rent, building fee, etc.
Check the room with management team (moving-in check)
Sign the moving-in checklist
Say hello to your room

During the stay

If you have any problems or questions, contact us
We have a special team for foreign tenants and international students


Let us know your moving-out day a week before
Let us know your room lock code before you move-out
Let us know your bank account number for deposit back
Say good bye to your room
Room inspection (After you move-out)
Charge for cleaning and last month utility bills (It will be deduct from your deposit)

* Deposit Back: Normally your deposit will be back within 3 days after you move out 
  (Deposit back on moving-out day if you move-out before noon with special request)

* For payment: No credit card. Only Bank transfer or Cash(Korean won)

* We only can show you the rooms are ready for rent so you can move-in right away if you like the room

* If you move-in on Saturday, Sunday, Holiday or Monday~Friday after 6pm, we will charge 50,000KRW
  (No Charge if you move-in our office hour)

* Pick up service for moving-in or out: In Gangnam area (Fee: 20,000KRW ~ 50,000KRW)

All the rooms in here are special for foreigners and intenational students.
Deposit is only one month rental, and short term available.
No realtor charge if you contact me directly.
*Korean LifeTech Homepage: